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Speakers announced for OME Users Meeting 2017

The OME Consortium are pleased to announce the draft programme for the OME Users Meeting 2017, to be held in Dundee on 31st May to June 2nd.

Dear All,

The draft programme for the OME Users Meeting 2017 is now available at

The programme features speakers across the range of academic, non-profit and industrial environments who will be discussing their work in the fields of bioresearch, drug discovery and scientific publication. As usual, we have a pretty international crowd— we’ve invited speakers from Europe, USA and Asia.

The meeting will be in Dundee from 31st May to June 2nd. Registration will open next week.

We’ll continue the tradition of starting the meeting with Lightning Talks from meeting attendees. These are always exciting, and are the attendees chance to set the themes for the rest of the meeting. You can sign up for a Lightning Talk when you register.

Workshops will be announced soon and will cover a range of OME functionality— Bio-Formats, OMERO and IDR. We’ll also have demos of tools from members of the community.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dundee and several exciting days discussing imaging data in biosciences research.


The OME Team

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